Back on track

Saturday morning came and the hubby asked what I wanted to do this weekend. Sometimes I think I need to come up with something cool or exciting to make my life seem interesting, but really all I wanted to do was stay around the house and hang out with the fam. So, that's what we did.

It felt good to not be anywhere, not to expect anything and to just really be in the moment. I'm sure you can do that out and about too, but for some reason I felt a strong urge just to be grounded at home. We watched the Lunar Eclipse. I took a long, steamy bath. I read. I crafted with the kids. We played Munchkin (a totally FUN game, but we get kinda competitive). We watched the hubby play Uncharted 3 (which is pretty friggin' awesome because it feels like watching a movie but you are able to be an active part of the storyline). I knitted. We ate homemade food. We ate homemade desserts. I reflected on this thing we call life. We laughed. We watched silly movies. And we hung out in silence... a lot.

An early morning icy trail

And today I feel unhurried even though I have a few errands to run. After I dropped off the kids at school I took a walk with the pup, Zoe. We got to explore some new trails that are now being exposed in the backyard. I can see some clear, new paths now that all the leaves have fallen off the trees and the blackberry bushes have become somewhat dormant. It was neat to explore these new paths. And I felt a wonderfully grateful heart when I would look up from some of these paths and see home. It felt exactly where I was supposed to be.

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