Just a few things keeping me going this winter

Every winter my hands become super dry and ONLY this bee bar has saved me from "human sandpaper syndrome". I was introduced to it years ago by my best friend it's my go-to lotion when regular lotion won't work. It's natural healing powers are amazing! I always get the vanilla scent because it smells so pretty.

Honey House Naturals Bee Bar

This Feng Shui CD has lulled me to sleep many a night. It is peaceful and soothing. I toss it in the CD player for that spa-like feeling when I indulge in hot bath. The combination of music flows and it is perfect background music when you take a trip to that "happy place" inside yourself.

Have you heard of Smash yet? It's a line of scrapbook products. I love the design and the fun-ness. I went a little cuckoo and bought a bunch of their stickies, tape, pens and bookmarks. My particular favorite is the Glue Pen that has a pen and glue (duh!). I don't know why it appeals to me, but when I'm paper crafting I always need glue and a pen and this tool makes it handy. I have yet to purchase a Smash Folio which is their journal/scrapbook (right now I have too many of my own), but I am getting one for my daughter for her birthday.

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