A lot to be thankful for

1. Drinks like the one above that nourish the body
RED, RED JUICE (juiced in my blender)
1 medium beet
2 medium carrots
1 medium apple
about 1 cup of water (give or take)

2. a puppy who is slowly healing from some surgery

3. the make-up kisses and hugs after a quarrel

4. kids who "simplify" their rooms without being asked (they got rid of a lot of stuff they don't need anymore)

5. smiles that make the eyes sparkle

6. learning that frustration comes more from your own bad behavior

7. deep breaths

8. sunshine when you think it's supposed to be another day of rain

9. warm, wooly socks that keep my feet cozy

10. this song that makes me happy and reminds me it's okay that i'm a "rainbow"

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