Chance is always powerful...

Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be a fish. ~Ovid

So we did it. We made a momentous decision in our lives which moved us from safe California to the wild unknown Washington. Am I nervous? Am I a little scared? Will I miss all the familiarity of California and my family... the family? Oh, heck yah! But, the excitement and the beauty of the unknown and the feeling of this being "right" outweighs my anxieties. The husband and I couldn't ignore the voice we both heard when it came. And the voice wasn't loud or demanding or threatening. It was a soft voice offering peace and love.

It was kinda nutty how everything aligned to make this move possible. Sometimes I cry because I am so grateful for the opportunity and the hand of Divine Grace that we soulfully took hold of. This was definitely a once in a blue moon chance. We thought about what the kids would miss and we thought about the safety of our existence in a small town doing the same ol', same ol' that provided much comfort.

Moving day was sad, I admit. The home we grew to love for 7 years would no longer be home. We were about to embark on a true adventure in a new town that we didn't know and people didn't know us. We would call an unfamiliar house home.

Audrey in her old room with her many moving boxes.

The moving van all packed and ready to take our stuff to Washington. *Sniffle Sniffle*

The Flocks invade Washington!

Now it's been 2 weeks since California. We are unpacking boxes and making things our own. We absolutely LOVE LOVE our house and our yard! The backyard is amazing. It's a yard of scouting and treasure hunting and collecting and meditating and peace making and soul finding. We look forward to what's on the horizon for us. But most importantly we look forward to discovering our new home together as a family.

The little man enjoying his freedom in the backyard.

Me and our backyard wild daisies. I love that they are everywhere!

The fam (my dad even came along to help us move!) in the backyard "jungle". The kids call it paradise. *Smile*

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Ann said...

Can I tell you we have been hearing the voiced to ! We are still listening and just planning a step at a time. Your post is written beautifully. Can't wait to see new house pictures!